Thursday, April 2, 2015

We are still celebrating the 2015 EPIC PI DAY; we are offering an irrational discount.  If one registers for two or more camps, then the cost of each camp will be equivalent to one half pi ($90/half day camp).  Use “EPICPIDAY” discount code to get discount.  This may not be used in conjunction with any other discount/coupon

11th Annual STEM Summer Day Camps
June 8 -12 Session 1        9AM - 12PM Beyond Calculus: An Introduction to Pure Math
June 8-12 Session 2         1 - 4PM Geometric Art
June 15 -19  Session 1    9AM - 12PM LEGO Robotics Space Challenge Camp I
June 15 -19  Session  2   1PM - 4PM   Robotics Space Challenge Camp II
June 22 -26  Session 1    All Day Shades of Blue Aviation/Rocketry Camp

July 13 -17 Session 1       9AM - 12PM LEGO Robotics Battle of the Bots I
July 13-17 Session 2        1-4PM LEGO Robotics Battle of the Bots II
July 20 - 24 Session 1      9AM - 12PM Battle of the Sciences
July 20 - 24 Session 2      1PM - 4PM Math Boot Camp/Math Counts Prep
July 27 - 31 Session 1      9AM - 12PM Journey to the Center of the Mini-World (Chem/Bio Camp)
July 27 - 31 Session  2     1PM - 4PM Engineering Fun    
Schedule subject to change
For more info on Mathstronauts camps, see

Thursday, January 23, 2014

10th Annual 
Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) 
Summer Day Camps

June 16 – Aug 1, 2014
·         Honors Math Camps  - Grades 6th – 10th (pretest required)
·         Math Boot Camp - All Grades
·         Engineering Camp  - Grades K – 8th
Chemistry/Biology Camp - Grades K – 8th
·         WeDo LEGO Robotics Camp - Grades K – 4th
·         NXT/EV3 LEGO Robotics Camp - Grades 3rd – 9th
·         FTC LEGO Robotics Camp - Grades 6th – 8th
·         Battle of the Sciences Camp - Grades K – 8th
Rocketry Camp - Beginner Rocketeers
·         Aviation/Aerospace Camp - All Grades
·         Chess Camp - All Grades
·         Geometric Art Camp - All Grades
Polynesian Dance Camp - All Grades

Cost:      $250 – $275/camp
Questions?  Contact  Jenna Lin @ 720-239-2252 or 
For more info and/or to register online check out

Four locations: UC-Denver, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Stapleton and SW Aurora.

Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Math & Science Camps

Located at

Colorado Community Church- Aurora
(near Iliff & I-225)
University of Colorado - Denver


Mathstronauts Camps

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM*
1:00PM - 4:00PM*

Math Boot Camps
7:00 AM – 9:00AM

Shades of Blue Camp
9:00 AM – 4:00PM

*Note, 2-3 day camps have different times.
$50 non-refundable registration fee/session
Mathstronauts Camps - $150/session
Shades of Blue Aviation Camp - $275
Math Boot Camps - $45/session
Call 720.239.CALC (2252) or email for more info and for registration forms.

July 3,5, 6   8AM - 12PM  Math Exploration with MATLAB Camp
July 9 -13 Session 1  9AM - 12PM  - Rocket Science
July 9 -13 Session  2 -  1PM - 4PM   McGyver Week -  Engineering Fun
July 16 -20  Session 1  9AM - 12PM - Robotics I  - Green Robots
July 16 -20  Session  2 -  1PM - 4PM    - Robotics II  - Battle Bots
July 23 -27  9AM - 4PM (time varies) Shades of Blue Aviation/Aerospace Camp
July 30, August 1 8AM - 12PM  Multicultural Math: Connecting Math with Art and Dance
July 31, Aug 2, 3  8AM - 12PM Math Exploration with MATLAB Camp

Schedule subject to change



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Math Pioneers Math and Science Camps 2011

Grades K-12

Located at
Church in the City/Beth Abraham
16t h & Gaylord (near Colfax & Josephine)

Mathstronauts Camps
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Math Boot Camps
7:00 AM – 9:00AM
4:00 PM – 6:00PM

The greatest opportunities for math and science fun in all of Colorado.
$100 registration fee/family
Mathstronaut Camp - $150/week
Math Boot Camps - $25/week/camp

Partial scholarships available!
Call 303.349.3149 or email for more info and for registration forms.

June 6-10 - Examining Structures
Structures of earth, body, and man-made objects such as machines. (energy, electromagnetic spectrum - light & sound, biology, geology, archaeology, paleontology, cryptography)

June 13-17 - Robotics/City Building (robotics, electronics, combinatorics, biology, fractals, Golden Ratio, architecture, civil engineering, geometric art)

June 27-July 1 - Sky Watch/ Aviation (astronomy, meteorology; rocketry, geometry, trigonometry for kids, flight, space travel)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Math and Science Camp - Summer 2010

Week 1 City Building & Geometric Art/Sculpture June 7-11
Students will learn about: architecture, civil engineering, and fractal geometry. They will study the physics behind structures as they construct bridges and design and build their own unique city structure. Meanwhile, they will learn about geometry, specifically polygons (especially trigons), polyhedra, graph theory (Lusona drawings), and fractal geometry and learn who fractal geometry plays a large part in African architecture.

Week 2 Rocket Science June 14 - 18
Students will contruct straw rockets, air pressure rockets, water bottle rockets, CO2 rockets, and Estes rockets this week. They will conduct experiments to see how varying fin shapes/sizes, pressure, and angles affect the flight of their rockets. Additionally, they will participate in the popular "Egg Drop," and older kids will build and launch hot air balloons. All kids will learn some level of geometry &/or trigonometry (depending upon level of ability) and their applications to rockets. Students will enjoy our guest, retired NASA rocket scientist , Dr. Layfield with COSROCS, who will help them launch their Estes Rockets.

Week 3 Examining Earth (Old & New) June 21-25
Students will explore geology and archaeology as they examine the most unique celestial body in our universe, our miraculous Earth. They will learn about rocks, volcanoes, stalactites, stalagmites, fossils, and geysers. They will also learn about the special history of math and astronomy of the Mayan culture by examining their astronomical tables, calendars, base 20 number etc.

Week 4 Robotics June 28 – July 2
Students will enjoy building and programming with robotics this week with the Rocky Mountain BEST group. They will also learn about electronics/electricity, basics about computer programming, base number system – particularly base 2, and combinatorics (permutations and combinations).

Week 5 Eye C U! July 5 – 9
Biology is the focus of this week! Students will study the human anatomy with models, cell extraction & observation, dissection, and dissection, and 3-D modeling of human anatomy. They will also learn much about insects, animal wildlife, and plants. They will see how mathematics, particularly the Golden Rectangle and fractal geometry can be seen in nature.

Week 6 Sky Watch July 12 – 17
This week focuses on astronomy and meteorology. They will model tornadoes with the tornado chamber, explore lightning and static electricity with the VanDerGraaf generator. They will enjoy participating in missions with the Challenger Center and traveling to see meteorologist and space meteorologists in action. They will also study the electromagnetic spectrum and how it relates to astronomy.

Week 7 Flight/Aviation July 19-23
The Science Man (Dr. Baynes, aviator & former science educator for NASA) returns to Denver for his Science Spectacular and RISE presentations and helps students learn about the principles of flight. Students will perform many hands-on activities including helping the Science Man create explosions galore as the he helps students understand physics and chemistry as it relate to aviation.

Week 8 Energy July 26-30
During this week, students will learn much about energy (renewable and non-renewable) and the electromagnetic spectrum. They will perform light labs, sound labs and many other activities as they explore renewable energy sources such as solar energy

All weeks - Computer programming using Matlab software at UCD for 2 days a week whole summer?
Cost $125 registration fee per family per summer
Scholarships available. Email for registration form and/or scholarship application.
Parent Orientation May 21, 2010 at Stedman Elementary 6-8PM.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

2010 Math & Science Camp Coming Soon

During the summer of 2010, three major math and science camp providers - Colorado Association of Black Professional Engineers (CABPES), Math π-0-neers, and Shades of Blue- are joining forces to create the largest and most intense 8-week STEM camp for the Denver Metro Area. Afterwards, before school starts, they will host a math boot camp to better prepare Denver Metro Students for the upcoming school year. The 8-week camp will be held during the weeks of June 7 - July 31, 2010.

During the course of the 8 week camp, students will explore: robotics, physics, engineering, aviation, cryptography, geometry, trigonometry, meteorology, chemistry, biology, etc. Additionally, they will attend various field trips to places such as the Challenger Center of Colorado Springs (where they participate in space mission simulations), Air Force Academy, Wings over the Rockies, University of Colorado (where they will visit/use engineering/science labs), United Airlines Training Center(where they will use flight simulators), and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). They will also have special presentations/activities from Dr. Baynes - Science Man - from Interactive Science Programs who will put on a week-long "Science Spectacular" show, from Dr. Layfield, retired NASA rocket scientist and founder of Colorado Springs Rocket Society (COSROCS), who will help students build and launch Estes rockets, and more including probably an astronaut. The majority of the field trips (Challenger, Air Force Academy, Wings over the Rockies) and special presentations (Science Man, COSROCS, astronaut) will occur during the weeks of June 14-19, July 12 - 17, and July 19-24.

During the Math Boot camp, students will be given a pretest and then provided with the work corresponding to their weaknesses. They will work with educators, engineers, and scientists who will tutor them and help them develop the mathematical skills needed for the fall.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009 Summer Math and Science Camps

Math Pionneers

The 5th Annual
Math & Science Camps

Located at Church in the City/Beth Abraham
16th & Gaylord (near Colfax & Josephine)

June 13 - July 31, 2009 (Levels K – 8th grade)**
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Hey Kids!
You can: create 3-D geometric art, create and crack secret codes, bend light, create
different colored flames, make a two-foot tornado, see a mini lightning bolt, create a
bridge out of spaghetti that can hold a sack of flour, make a large dome out of
gumdrops, race solar cars, save an egg in the “Egg Drop,” and more!

Week 1: July 13 – July 17 Rockets & Flying Things
flight (lift, drag, etc.), rockets, parabolic motion, insects, basic trigonometry, etc.

Week 2: July 20 – July 24 City Builders
Engineering, gum drop domes, spaghetti bridges, trebuchets, electricity, structure of human body, etc.

Week 3: July 27 – July 31 Disaster Zone/Alien Life (Meteorology/Astronomy)
Modeling Tornadoes, volcanoes, & other disasters; water cycle; ocean life; finding life in the universe, light & sound labs, etc.

Schedule is subject to change.

** Levels K-8 (students are placed according to level, not age; preschoolers
capable of working on a Kindergarten level may also sign up)

Cost: $200/week. Scholarships available!

$20 registration fee.

Questions? Call Jenna Lin @ (303) 224 – 0584 or email